Crysis 3 – The nanosuit warrior

Crysis 3 – The nanosuit warrior

crysis 3

The first person shooter Crysis 3 had to insert a record low average rating of all series parts. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has now explains why this is his opinion, although Crysis 3 clearly was the best part of the series.
Crysis 3 Crysis 3, according to developers Crytek in all respects better than its two predecessors. Nevertheless, it had to take the lowest average score of the series.
Crysis 3 is loud developer Crytek in all respects better than its two predecessors. Nevertheless, it had to take the lowest average score of the series.
The first Crysis is a Metascore (average rating) of 91 as before, according to best out of the series-part and putting it in the “All Time”.
Unfair, but not unexpected, is at least developers Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli. Because of course he thinks that the current Crysis 3 is clearly the best part of the series. However, its PC version must currently live with an average score of 77.
“It’s better than Crysis 2 and better than Crysis 1. Technically, ideas wealth and also in terms of the action -. Easy in all aspects”
As there anyway to low Metascore comes, but Yerli has of course also an explanation ready, which is understandable and quite. To meet this form of Scoring discrepancy especially sequels of popular games, as in these, the surprise content such as the time the first Crysis strongly believe in limits if you want to know more information about our Crysis 3 hacks and cheats check here :

In addition, would games that were entwickeltet for the somewhat outdated console generation, now cause fatigue among the players. The expectations of the players would simply be higher than the current generation could meet. The NextGen leave because according to Yerli future much more room for new. Crysis 1 had, however, anno 2007, when the current generation of consoles was still quite cool, can stand out and surprise evident on the PC than Crysis 3 can today.
This is the reason why many players and testers have better than the first Crysis remembered as the current series part. Yerli shall in on the pros and cons of multi-platform strategy:
“The consoles are eight years old equipment. Of course, they limit you there in one way or another. It is impossible not to be constrained by a limited platform. If we had more to do if we had [Crysis 3] developed for the PC? Of course! If we apply a budget can to make a decent PC-only Crysis 3? No. ”
Speaking of budget: There was loud Cevat Yerli at triple the sum of the first Crysis. So around 45 million euros.

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Final Fantasy XIV Exploits

Final Fantasy XIV Exploits

Final Fantasy XIV exploits

From now on you, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn the ability to rename your character – unfortunately not free.

You are already for months in Eorzea, the game world of popular fantasy online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, go and have seen you on behalf of your heroes so slowly but surely satisfy?

Then you should in these days a look at the official website throw – on the moogle station, to be more precise. Under the “Optional Services” is now available that is a new feature with which one offers you the opportunity to your Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn-stretching to be provided with a new name of your choice. The crux of the matter: Free the whole is unfortunately not equipped.

Instead, you will be asked per change your name with seven euros to the checkout. The possibility of your heroes from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn bear a new name and more details on this topic can be found on the official website of the online role-playing game that we have linked below these lines for you.

Immediately the Free Trial for Final Fantasy XIV is also available on Steam. Returnees on the other hand can look forward to a free login weekend.

Since a while owners of the PC version have the opportunity to download a free trial version to the fantasy online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and also check our Final Fantasy XIV Exploits.

How Square Enix announced it is now also available on Valve’s Steam distribution platform available. Nothing has changed in the content and possibilities: In the Steam version of the Free Trial you are allowed to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn take over a period of 14 days for free in inspection and heave the different classes at level 20. If you like the game, it can be downloaded on Steam until 12th November at half price.

You have Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn already played, but you have decided to discontinue your subscription and since then searches for a reason to renew the subscription again? Then you should at this weekend’s seize the opportunity and return free of charge under the Free-login to Eorzea weekend. The corresponding service can be used by Monday, November 10 at 8 clock our time and provides you among other things, the new content of the freshly published content updates “Dreams of Ice” to take a close look in detail. Further details for Free Login weekend waiting for the official site for you.

A detailed look at the various contents of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Dreams of Ice also allows you our current special that is waiting for you on our Final Fantasy XIV Exploits.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Aimbot

Working aimbot for the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Aimbot

In a future where the relationship between money, technological advances and military practices with large consequences is disturbed by the private sector, you fight in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as mercenary led by business boss Jonathan Irons against the US Government.

This Jonathan Irons (with Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey’s voice) is the founder and president of the world’s largest Private Military Corporation (PMC) called Atlas Corporation. Not unthinkable In the future world of Advanced Warfare Pmcs are armed troops for many countries become the dominant, that their military needs outsourcing, borders demarcating and war rewrite rules. Also Irons ‘ force is deployed by Governments for various military missions. But now he turns against the u.s. Government.
In this new game wear your powerful exoskeletpakken which can be used without this deadly fighters that they have to specialize. This state-of-the-art suits allow extra high jumping and give players extensive abilities to hide themselves and unmatched forces, sharpness, endurance and speed. With the advent of the exoskeleton and new advanced weapons, possesses every soldier tactical freedom on any terrain like never before. A fundamental change in the way gamers Call of Duty will play in all modes.

Why you should get the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Aimbot Hack

You can download the new COD Advanced Warfare Aimbot from this website without having to pay any money. Harness the new power of the new generation platform games. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings players to the battlefield of the future by adding new hi-tech advanced weapons and a set of skills that allows players armed with whole new equipment, technology, benefits and vehicles such as hover bikes and highly specialized drones. Players can also choose between the standard ammunition and a new generation of powered weapons that the all-new gaming experience possible. And with the addition of the exoskeletpakken are fighting in this new Call of Duty game to a whole new level.

Who is the digital version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for PS3 or Xbox 360 purchase, gets the top version for PS4 and Xbox One. The action of Publisher Activision is limited though to whom the game in the digital download stores – the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Market Place-purchase.

The Publisher has the thought, because extensions also transferred as the gamer in question would switch to the version for the new consoles. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes place in the future. The player must be in a world of futuristic weaponry throw everything in the fight against a malicious private army. The publication date of 4 november is already with dot by shooterfans noted.

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Fifa 15 Ultimate Edition Hack

Download the best hacks for the Fifa 15 Ultimate Edition

Fifa 15 Ultimate Edition Hack

The football season is already a few months back and now everyone has the taste, comes EA with its annual FIFA game. As every year, has bought up all possible licenses and FIFA again every player who plays in a somewhat ‘ known ‘ analyzed and digitally recreated. It would be EA managed to with FIFA 14 on Nintendo’s 7 year old console a great FIFA game to bring out? Get this hack for the Fifa 15 Ultimate Edition now for free and use it as you desire.
FIFA 14 is the latest edition of the FIFA series, a game series that is fully focused on football. Unlike other versions, the Wii version of FIFA 14 unique from other consoles. The game looks completely different than at the competition and even has also a number of other game modes. However, all in all, suspiciously similar to FIFA 13 and that’s because the game is identical, on the updates of the players after. EA has not even bothered to create a new game.
A good kickoff, but let’s just pretend and treat the game in a fair way. When you turn the game starts up, that your menu screen a city is: FIFA City. In this city is your handcrafted football team and it’s up to you the task this team as popular as possible. The more popular your team, the more people there will be in your city. This idea is since a few years used for the Wii version of FIFA games. Looking over the city from a bird’s perspective, you can scroll through the menu. FIFA 14 has six different modes.

You can play an exhibition game, a League games as a manager of a team, play a tournament of your choice, a career as a player, street football or play in the Intercity Cup. For the latter you will always need to reach certain goals in the game in order to play with it. The manager mode is the most comprehensive of all. You will have to maintain and all important decisions. Am thinking of choosing a sponsor, determine the correct Setup and ensure that your club about optimal training complex has. The street football is unique to the Wii, but does not differ a lot with other modes. Instead of side lines there are now walls, you play 5-on-5 and you will be encouraged to do tricks.

The most important thing in soccer is FIFA itself. You can have a variety of modes and options, but on the field it must occur. Unfortunately, FIFA here incredibly hard by the basket. It looks like EA has hardly worked on the game, but only a number of names and statistics has adjusted. For starters, you already don’t feel the complete control over your players to have. Passes sometimes go completely the other direction on and players sometimes make weird loop-actions or fall spontaneously. You will find that you often 1-on-1 with the keeper comes the stand by that strange steering, but saves the game itself a bit here: scoring is just so unpredictable! If you have a meter in front of the goal state you have practically as much chance to shoot against the lat as when you are on the edge of the sixteen State. Yes, you can determine the power of your shot, but the direction not really. Sometimes this results in strange situations that in real football also exist, but they are very common in FIFA 14.

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Star Wars Commander Test

Star Wars Commander Review and game Analysis


star wars commander test

We explain why base construction, bustle battles and delays annoy worse than jar jar Binks, in the test clash-of-clans clone Star Wars: Commander.

Tatooine: As a smuggler, we advised the Hutts in conflict with Jabba. Probably the history would quickly here, would not suddenly powerful patrons to our favour are competing. None other than Darth Vader and Princess Leia contact us via hologram and delegate the supervision of a small force us, to connect us to the correct group.

As much statesmanlike attention shouldn’t have already puzzled us: why must we send AT-STs and Han Solo in the battle within a few seconds, if we are a minor nobody? The answer us soon becomes clear: the Free2Play game of Star Wars: Commander wants our money – and appears immediately greedy than the entire population of NAL Huttas.

Star Wars Commander – The new Clash of Clans

Star Wars: Commander welcomes us to the usual scrolling Textwandintro on the 2D-Übersichtskarte of our base, we – build out like in the clash of clan – in the course of the game. In the course of a short tutorial learn we first steps of the base construction, place credit – and metal-producing buildings and dealing with the real money resource, we diligently to shorten the construction or by purchasing additional Baudroiden.

More apparent than real: We are baited solo with familiar characters like Han at the beginning of the game.

We get money and metal in four ways: either we wait to play the campaign, attacking players of the opposite faction – or we buy it on the real currency. The tough progression for sale one way or another to animate just later in the game – not payer look thus only still periodically in the game after a few actions go back to back him.
By cross-country skiers and wall sprinklers Some players are already cheating with some hacks that can be found online with a simple google search. There are other more legit ways of cheating the game without the use of exploits. Some codes you can find online and others are a secret of the game developers.

After the brief introduction and two sample battles for Empire as rebels we must decide: we want to fight for the better-equipped imperial or better beat solo on the side of Leia Organa and Han? The decision is even like, No more reversible – who feels remorse after the election, must delete its score.
The decision is not so weighty: mission design and customer are so generic that we notice a difference only in building design and units: so the rebels have cannot access already, you can recruit heroes such as Han, who support us in the battle, but at the beginning of the game like the Empire directly on armored vehicles.
Before battles the units To want be recruited once what goes hand in hand with queues and Creditkosten. Unsightly detail on the edge: just like in Dungeon Keeper, used units are consumed in missions – to generate artificial latency and resource consumption.

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Warface Hack Tool

Software to hack in Warface was just released!

Warface Hack ToolWarface Hack Tool

Side gameplay, hard to reinvent the wheel with a genre that is available to all sauces for years. Warface tape so in a rather classical register with its competitive multi orientation and its different modes of play PVP. On regaining control of area, team deathmatch and even a Plant The Bomb way counter-strike. Not really of realism to the order of the day, and as the major licenses, some futuristic technologies make their appearances, and the mix of fast action and movements of canopy cover give an excellent défouloir, without sacrificing the age-old skill. Incidentally, is the routine, no question from the field of battle the flower rifle: the opportunity to choose among four classes therefore imposes on the player. Once more, no surprise, we find the cliches. The soldier walking constantly with ammunition his sackful and refuels his colleagues. The medic may heal or relieve his classmates fallen. The engineer repairs armors and was offered a claymore mine. Finally, the sniper sniper only, but to compensate for its fire power, it is relatively dependent on the other three classes to fully express his art. Don’t worry this tool is totally undetected and undetectable, get this warface hacks now!

We are therefore left with well-defined roles must be necessarily vary for an effective composition, because all this beautiful world was given a particular weapon in addition to his specialty. Thus, a team full of medic will be inefficient with only with shotguns. Too many snipers will also be disabling in melee with the inability to heal and refuel and so forth. Crytek has managed to strike a balance and each class is simple but effective. The teamwork is indeed even in the heart of gameplay, as it will sometimes take to make la courte Échelle a crew to climb to elevated places, only solution to gain access to the best snipe points. Similarly, can claim the assistance of each of the other classes in his team, in order to be refuelled, treated, repaired. Warface tries so on multiple occasions to promote mutual assistance within a team, all without breaking the rhythm of the game and if the idea is not revolutionary, the concept is still well integrated, what stuff brilliantly the clashes.

This is the best hack tool you will find for Warface

Finally, the co – op made its appearance on Warface in order to familiarize themselves with the title in a more quiet than PVP environment. Most of the maps prove to be long corridors with an impressive amount of enemies to kill. But if overall the level design is very limited (we guess in advance the NPC spawn points), escorts from tank, raids in the favelas and other deadly cruises nevertheless have the merit to propose the non-stop action and allow beginners to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game, while learning teamwork. Their length will force the teamplay in order to survive, otherwise end up biting the dust. And to motivate even the experienced players to practice co-op, missions can earn in-game currency, bonus XP and objects to unlock shop. Knowing that more they change every day and provide access to special rewards, it is profitable enough to do so regularly, with, finally, the presence of different modes of difficulty to satisfy even the most skilled players. You can reach the leaderboards easily with this hack download it for free.

In the end so, we end up with a solid FPS, which is allowed to practice with pleasure and offers already Honourable content for a beta. Of course, Warface is not truly innovative and returns the elements that make the success of the large series of FPS like Call of Duty or Battlefield, but it does very well what he is asked and some innovative elements introduced in order to place emphasis on the cooperative side add a touch of freshness. With more optimized realization and its accessibility accentuated by Gface, without oulier of small characteristic specificities of Crytek, it is likely to find its audience in the months to come. Because side technique, even if in high settings the title isn’t visually at the height of a Crysis 3, he took advantage in any case perfectly of the CryEngine to provide own rendering, with very good management of lighting and compelling environments. Still just to see if the unlock system is unlikely to take the player too long so it team properly, but we already know that your bank account will not be a way to climb into the top of the leaderboards of the game.

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The Clash of Clans Hacks Game Info

The Clash Of Clans Hacks and Game Information

clash of clans hacks

Clash of Clans is een populaire iPad / iPhone / iPod / Android spel gemaakt door supercell”. Het is internationaal beschikbaar op de iTunes store gratis sinds de eerste v1.7 release op 2 augustus 2012, en op de Google Play Store sinds 8 oktober 2013. Clash of Clans is een strategie spel waarin spelers kunnen bouwen en uitbreiden van je dorp, ontgrendelen achtereenvolgens krachtiger krijgers en verdedigingen, raid en plundering middelen uit andere dorpen, maken en hieraan deelnemen Clans en nog veel meer. Hoewel Clash of Clans is Free-to-Play, extra in-game valuta kan worden gekocht voor echt geld via de Apple App Store / Google Play Store in de vorm van in-app aankopen. Echter, alle kenmerken van het spel staan ​​open voor spelers die ervoor kiezen niet naar In-App aankopen te doen. Clash of Clans is beschikbaar op iOS en Android-apparaten!

In Clash of Clans, met een sterke verdediging is even belangrijk als het hebben van een staat misdrijf. In veel opzichten, verdediging is nog belangrijker. Many hackers have been trying to create tools to generate resources for free  but we have yet to see any confirmation of their success.

Verdedigingen dienen om trofeeën te vrijwaren en middelen te beschermen tegen vijandelijke troepen. Elke verdediging heeft zijn eigen sterke en zwakke punten, en de ligging in je dorp moet weerspiegelen dat. Bijvoorbeeld, de krachtige Mortel is traag-vuren, maar behandelt ongelooflijke Splash Damage om troepen te aarden. Een nadeel is dat het geen troepen binnen vier tegels van zichzelf (of lucht troepen helemaal niet) kunnen aanvallen - dus het moet in het centrum van uw dorp met voldoende bescherming tegen luchtafweer geplaatst. Aan de andere kant, Kanonnen en Archer Towers omgaan kleinere hoeveelheden schade aan groepen (als ze kunnen richten en sloeg slechts een eenheid in een tijd), maar de aanval sneller en werk als een effectieve eerste verdedigingslinie. De Wizard Tower gaat ongelooflijk splash schade aan zowel grond en lucht eenheden, maar heeft een relatief korte afstand.

Middelen zijn de gebruikte valuta te kopen en upgraden activa. Het spel heeft vier verschillende middelen; goud, elixir, donkere elixir, en edelstenen.

Goud, elixir en donkere elixir hebben gebouwen die worden gebruikt voor het opslaan en genereren ze.
goud Goud

Goud is een bron dat wordt gegraven door goudmijnen. Eenmaal verzameld het wordt opgeslagen in uw goud bergingen. De hoeveelheid goud die je hebt wordt weergegeven in de rechterbovenhoek van het scherm. Goud wordt gebruikt voor het bouwen en upgraden defensieve gebouwen, vallen, elixir verzamelaars, elixir bergingen en wanden. Het wordt ook gebruikt om de nationale vlag decoraties plaatsen.
Elixir Elixir

Elixir is een bron die wordt verzameld door elixir verzamelaars. Eenmaal verzameld het wordt opgeslagen in je elixer bergingen. De hoeveelheid elixer u wordt weergegeven in de rechterbovenhoek van het scherm onder goud. Elixir wordt gebruikt voor de aankoop en verbetering van troepen, leger gebouwen, donkere elixir bergingen, donkere elixir boormachines, goudmijnen en goud bergingen. Het wordt ook gebruikt om vele decoraties plaatsen.

Clash of Clans Hacks Donkere elixir Dark Elixir

Dark Elixir is een bron die wordt verzameld door donkere elixir boren. Eenmaal verzameld het wordt opgeslagen in je donkere elixir opslag. De hoeveelheid donkere elixir u wordt weergegeven in de rechterbovenhoek van het scherm onder elixer. Donkere elixir wordt gebruikt voor de aankoop en verbetering held klasse troepen, alsmede opleiding en verbetering van donkere elixir troepen.
gem GemsEdelstenen zijn een bron voornamelijk via opgedaan in app aankoop (IAP). Er zijn andere manieren om edelstenen te verkrijgen, hoewel deze methoden zijn nogal traag in vergelijking met de aankoop ervan in de Shop. Kleine aantallen juweeltjes kan worden verkregen door het opruimen van rotsen en bomen uit je dorp, maar dit is willekeurig en snelheid van respawn van bomen en struiken is vrij laag. Het invullen van prestaties ook awards edelstenen. Daarnaast is de topspelers in de top drie clans ontvangen juweeltjes uit de wekelijkse toernooi. Tenslotte Supercell houdt af en toe wedstrijden op hun Facebook-pagina waarvoor zij toekennen edelstenen om de winnaars. Clash of clans cheats ipad kunnen worden gebruikt om goud, elixir, donkere elixir en hutten bouwer te kopen. Ze kunnen ook worden gebruikt om de snelheid upgrades, goud / elixer verzamelen en troeptraininglijn voltooien.  Clash of clans tips

Over het algemeen is het een goed idee om uw edelstenen sparen voor bouwers hutten, als meer bouwers drastisch de snelheid waarmee je kunt je dorp upgraden verhoogt.

Het gedeelte van het Leger van de in-game winkel dat zal invloed hebben op de sterkte van je aanvallende leger, zodat u meer aanvallen te winnen.
Alle gebouwen uit de sectie leger nodig Elixir of Dark Elixir te bouwen.

Deze gebouwen zijn degenen die noch aanvallend, verdedigend of resource-geven. Echter, ze zijn net zo cruciaal belang. Het stadhuis, bijvoorbeeld, is het hart van het dorp en regelt welke gebouwen je kan hebben, hoeveel van hen die je kunt hebben, en hoe ver je kunt ze upgraden. De Clan Castle, aan de andere kant kunt u verbinding met andere spelers in een clan. Decoraties zijn er om je dorp te versieren. Obstakels zijn bomen en rotsen die kan worden gevonden in je dorp. Clearing hen zal soms geeft je Gems.

Troepen worden gebruikt tegen ofwel de goblins op de campagne kaart, of andere spelers om trofeeën te winnen en de buit Goud en Elixir - dit wordt overvallen genoemd. Troepen zijn gemaakt in Barracks en worden opgeslagen in legerkampen. Momenteel zijn er vijftien verschillende soorten normale troepen, waarvan tien vereisen Elixir en worden getraind in de normale Barakken; de andere vijf met Dark Elixir en worden getraind in de Dark Barracks. Er zijn ook twee Hero troepen ook.

Spelers dienen er rekening mee dat de troepen kan worden opgewaardeerd in het Laboratorium. Tier 1, Tier 2 en Dark Elixir troepen krijgen een belangrijke grafische verandering op niveau 3, en een ander op beide niveaus 5 en 6, indien van toepassing. Tier 3 troepen ontvangen grafische veranderingen met alle upgrades. Zoals troepen opgewaardeerd ze steeds krachtiger, maar ook duurder Elixir (of Dark Elixir) te trainen.

Tier 1-troepen (Barbarians, Archers, en Goblins) zijn zeer krachtig wanneer zwermen hordes. Echter, dit maakt hen zeer kwetsbaar voor Wizard Towers en mortieren.
Tier 2 troepen (Giants, Wall Breakers, Ballonnen en Wizards) zijn krachtiger dan Tier 1, maar niet zo krachtig als Tier 3. Velen van hen hebben gespecialiseerd doelen.
Tier 3 troepen (Healers, Draken, en PEKKAs) zijn zeer krachtig en zijn een waardevol onderdeel van een zeer machtig leger, de mogelijkheid om te verdedigingen gemakkelijk overweldigen. Echter, ze zijn extreem duur in termen van Elixir kosten.
Dark Elixir Troepen (Minions, Hog Riders, Valkyries, Golems en heksen) zijn troepen die specifieke niches die de reguliere troepen niet, als goedkoop vliegen troepen, muur vermijden, krachtig op de grond Splash Damage en massale gezondheid vullen. Ze zijn niet noodzakelijk krachtiger dan hun Elixir-gebaseerde tegenhangers, maar kan worden gebruikt in een zeer effectieve wijze indien goed ingezet.
Heroes (Barbarian King, Archer Queen) zijn onsterfelijk troepen die worden opgeroepen via een permanent altaar in plaats van getraind in een kazerne. Zij zijn de meest krachtige troepen in het spel, maar elke speler mag slechts een van elk type. Hoewel zij niet kunnen sterven in de strijd, kunnen ze worden verslagen en moet rusten voor een periode van tijd als ze schade oplopen.
Spreuken worden gemaakt in de Spell Factory. Upgrade je Spell Fabriek om meer spreuken te krijgen en in staat zijn om meer spreuken houden. U kunt ook spreuken onderzoek in het laboratorium om ze krachtiger te maken.

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Cs go Hacks

Free hacks for Counter Strike Global Offensive – 2014 Version

Cs go Hacks

It’s hard to find something really wrong in a way that has evolved over more than ten years, but perhaps that’s me you are far enough away from him, now that I’ve had an idea. We don’t have to deal with too many new things. Yes, indeed, the gameplay is true today, but the games have evolved from sensors and weapons that can not use CAD for tintire. It’s basically an old game in new clothes, which you probably don’t mind so much that the community was active during this time, but may be a barrier for new players, accustomed to the other titles in the present.

I liked the old maps to revizitez, carried out at the same dimensions and with almost identical placement of all elements, but retouched to semana more with some real places and less with a bunch of boxes textured. Moreover, some maps have received even interactive elements such as doors that can be broken. Even the walls behave just like in counter-strike 1.6, keeping the weaknesses and points through which bullets can not pass. Get some good Cs go Hacks for 2014.

Also, the economic system of the game is very different from the one we knew each other in previous titles in the series. Rewards for eliminating enemies are now different depending on the type of weapon used, and team performance can influence the amount of money you receive at the beginning of each round. At the end of a round a player is named MVP (Most Valuable Player) depending on how well he played, and a statistic like “were fired 300 shells” or “the Player X Y hostages saved” appears under its name.

Being a game, we have some integration with Steamworks, which keeps track of Achievement and catches, you game to date and provides an opportunity for socialization and a lighter connecting through your friends list. Otherwise, all players are present in the game depending on the name you choose for your avatar on Steam.

Graphics was brought up to date in the new counter-strike: Global Offensive. This has been possible thanks to the Source graphics engine, developed in-house at Valve. We have access to many some cool visuals, which affects both the lighting and the general way in which the game, as well as physics. The characters react in a credible manner, the impact of the bullets, the light seems natural and the effect of motion blur gives a greater flow of gameplay.

Being a game counter-strike, no wonder this capitol, but manages to keep in step with the times. The maps are made meticulously, and small details added in each of the classics are the places presented to be something more credible. An interesting detail is applied to the characters, which now form part of the various terrorist groups and various special intervention troops, depending on the geographical location of the map.

The sound has never been an amazing component of counter-strike and will not start or even Global Offensive. That does not mean that the sound is not important, and its 3D positioning, very useful for players, it’s as smooth as before. The most experienced of the fans of the game can still realize the enemy is just a listening i steps. Instead, the guns and the explosions are very generic, predefined messages and voices are almost identical to the old ones. Nothing really bad, but not something that necessarily go out.

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2014 Fifa World Cup Live Stream

Get an working 2014 Fifa World Cup Live Stream to watch the full tournament online

2014 Fifa World Cup Live Stream

The businessman Jefferson Felix da Silva, 38 years, namesake of one of the goalkeepers of the Brazilian team, said he will not cheer for Brazil in the World Cup. For him, the situation in the country is not giving conditions and reasons to party.

“I play football, I love the sport, I am purple, sãopaulino like to go to stadiums, but I’m not rooting for Brazil. I don’t think there’s a mood for it. I do not agree with the World Cup in Brazil, with the money that was used to conduct this competition, “said p namesake of the goalkeeper. He thinks the country couldn’t prepare for the World Cup. “If the economy was fine, if the policy was fine, until we could think about hope,” said Jefferson.

“It’s very bread and circuses for the people. Just who is paying for all the bread and circus is the people, no one else. The people want and need a lot more than that, “said Jefferson. “I think if Brazil win the World Cup is going to be that thing of hiding the country’s problems with the feast of the conquest. Will mask everything bad, especially in an election year, too. This World Cup has more than politics and little social, “said the businessman.

It prefers rooting for improvements for the country than for a positive outcome of the selection during the competition. “Look, I’m 38 years old and this is the first time I’m not rooting for selection in a World Cup. Like futbol, but like most of my country “. Check the 2014 Fifa World Cup Live Stream to be able to stream all the matches in HD without lag.

The eight teams that will play in the World Cup, in Cuiaba, will be hosted in two hotels. One of them is near the Marechal Rondon airport in Várzea Grande, metropolitan region of the capital. And the other is on Avenida Isaac Póvoas, in Cuiabá. The two establishments had to undergo adjustments to meet the standard required by Fifa. The biggest concern of establishments is about safety and the power of the players.

According to Licinelza, the reforms in the structure began two years ago to receive international teams. On the site, players and coaches must find a special decoration, with swimming pool and a large garden, plus rooms with thematic decorations.

Already the selections from Australia, Korea, Colombia and Bosnia, will be staying at the hotel Avenida Isaac Póvoas. Investment in improvements at this establishment was r $ 2.3 million. “[Made] the modernisation in electronic equipment, internal infrastructure, generator, air conditioning,” said the General Manager, Marcelo Mesquita.
Of the 15 floors, four will be unique to the hosting of the times. While the selections are hosted, the hotel staff will have restricted access. Therefore, each delegation will have an interlocutor, which became known as ‘ Baba ‘, to make contact with the team of the hotel.

Teams must make every meal at the hotel, but not in the restaurant. Another space, where events are held, is being prepared to serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks before and after matches. The chef has received the specific menus and still will be supervised by a nutritionist in each country in the preparation of the dishes. “The main products are the filet mignon, chicken and veal calves. Both filet of veal, when calf ribs. But we have all in our region, “says the chef, Wilson Povoa..

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Are Hearthstone Hacks Really possible ?

There are many websites claiming that they have Hacks for Hearthstone but are they actually real ?

Hearthstone Hacks

And you are sure that Blizzard has lost her way, and tossed again with something unique. Non-Collectible trading card game! The Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft started lukewarm in beta testing but approached too crowded because of World of Warcraft, evolves into a new fad. Unofficial tournaments, guilds, streaming, strategy guides and whole site crop up later on the Hearthstone.
The Hearthstone is a game that deals with the 1v1 fight two players. Players can choose different mods which have quite different between them. At the beginning of their career in the “hearthstone have only basic cards but rarer than earning:

Card packages or purchased or earned from the arena. Levels that go up separately with each Hero (every 2 level a card)

There is also magic dust (magic dust) won with either to break the “excessive” cards from either arena. With the dust she can do craft cards which isobathmizei the fact that there is not a trading system which provoked many reactions, although in my opinion it can detract from the game.

The Hearthstone is located in the Warcraft universe, with a very large percentage of characters and cards to draw from existing lore.

Because we are talking about online multiplayer kartopaichnido, the script is something secondary. In General, you’re a magician who call the monsters and trying to eliminate other magicians. Of course, the game was released very recently and already announced single-player campaign, which we expect to have a very nice story.

Gameplay – Could Hearthstone Cheats be useful ?

First of all, we are talking about a game that is completely free. Whether you give money is something entirely optional and has to do with whether you want opening sachets that contain random cards, or to play in a special mode called arena. In the game make a deck of cards before, selecting cards from your collection (your extra cards can be made dust and be used in crafting the game’s mechanism). Your deck is made in one of 9 different classes, each has special cards and mechanisms and are ready to face other real players. You can get some Hearthstone Hacks that really work by searching on google.

Each player has 30 lives and plays monsters or spells in the round (turn-based system) and selects strategically if he wants to attack their opponent or the monsters. To stress that the game is excellent and learned too easily even from players who have no connection with the gaming card. This is very helpful and amazing tutorial that puts on the climate of the game.

Simple interface to played and in tablets. Easy to use menu and very easy deckbuilding. Humorous sense from beginning to end. Excellent job again by Blizzard that leaves many hopes for further possibilities in the game (multiplayer/tournament formats, etc.).

The Hearthstone is a free multiplayer strategy game with cards. the company Is blizzard and has come out officially on March 11 of this year though was in open beta from January. The game is quite simple but highly addictive as we have grown accustomed to the blizzard, one of the 9 dialegeis epikoys heroes of Warcraft and passing series “battle” with decks that you can fix yourself using magika, weapons, and monsters dynameis

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